Annual Entrepreneur Scholarship

2017 Applications Are Being Processed

Down To Five is a website dedicated to helping you find the best products and advice in a certain category by narrowing your choices or steps down to five, such as our potty training guide for boys and girls. We also provide informative buyer’s guides on diverse products like record players, memory foam mattresses and neck pain pillows.

We know that a good education coupled with a strong entrepreneurial spirit can unlock great opportunities. We are aware however that the cost of an education can be a burden to some. With this scholarship, we hope to ease some of that burden and help budding entrepreneurs along the path to entrepreneurship.

We are proud to be offering an annual scholarship program. The yearly winner will be awarded $1,000.



All undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to apply.


How To Apply

In 800 – 1000 words, give us your thoughts on the following title “The Future of Internet Marketing”. Your essay should include details on current trends regarding the use of social media, advertising, e-commerce platforms and others in online marketing and whether these will progress or change in the future.

Essays will be judged based on strength of ideas, supporting data, style and clarity.

Please submit your essay in Microsoft Word format to [email protected], along with the following details:

  • Name, Address and Email
  • A short description of yourself, area of study and achievements
  • Documentary proof of enrollment in a college or university



This is an annual scholarship and all applications must be submitted by midnight, December 31st, every year. Any late or incomplete application will not be processed.

The winner will be contacted via email and will receive the scholarship award in approximately 1 month after the deadline.


General Terms

By applying, you are expressly giving your consent for us to contact you via mail or email for the processing of the scholarship award.

By applying, you are also authorizing us to publish your name and your essay on this site without requiring your further permission.

You are responsible for the payment, if applicable, of any taxes arising from the receipt of this scholarship.


Avoiding Scams

  • We will never ask for a processing or application fee.
  • We only ask for the required information stated above and will never ask for credit card information or social security numbers.
  • We will never require a disbursement or redemption fee to claim scholarship winnings.
  • We will never disclose your personal information to any other parties.
  • If an institution requires or does any of the above, the scholarship is most likely a scam. Make sure to report the institution to your local student services office.